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Derek Duane Kendall Jr, Born 1984 in Brooklyn N.Y.The only boy out of 3 sisters. Derek grew up in the ghettos of Fort Greene & Bed Stuy.His family never really had much so he found a sense of fulfillment in his artwork creating portraits,landscapes,emulating cartoons & videogames in the late 80s.Society then was pretty wild durning that era & the hiphop lifestyle was something he knew very little about.His cousins both always DJing records in the basement parties as he shyly watched from a distance.Derek was a very timid individual, as he loved his artwork more than anything. In just grade school Derek became noticed as a amazing artist & story writer.He would found isolate himself alot since his father died when Derek was only 11, with all females around he had become the man of the house! Not realizing his future was being formed. As a teen he absorbed the atmosphere like a sponge,the music,the graffiti on the trains,the crime that the neighborhood kids got into ,the dances & especially the fashion .Ran with a big group of diverse friends growing up & though he was a normal teen they always knew him as the eccentric one , that is where Rekk initially began.He got into very little trouble as it would always seek him out. After high school Derek became quite popular with the ladies approaching 16 he emerged more much of a sharp dresser & eventually had beautiful baby girl that changed his life . He always was so well spoken , he later got into modeling while simultaneously fully designed & cast several of his own projects soley to utilize all his talents while raising her .Derek became a single father as a result of life's trials & tribulations, he studied graphic design at CUNY Tech as a long time interest later he’s been published 7 times in under a year in multiple magazines even achieved to win a huge monumental Men of excellence award along with other top men in the community he also has successfully graduated from Barbizon NYC as an actor within the same year . Since then Derek has become a permanent go getter for young men everywhere in addition became a positive role model for tons of parents young & old all while living his dreams & run his business, Rekk! that is.


Our Mission

To create the best, hottest urban wear possible though the eyes of a King.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.

- Steve Job’s